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Welcome to Kabkob

Kabkob is one of the international fashion companies. It is a distribution group. The customer is at the heart of our unique business model, which includes planing, choosing, distribution and sales through our retail network. Sales start on the Kabkob facebook page, once weekly at tuesday nine o'clock evening Kabkob, once weekly at tuesday nine o'clock evening.

Kabkob is committed to being a responsible company, from social, environmental and economic points of view. It is a commitment to present and future generations as well as to the communities where the company is present, both in Arabic world and in the countries where it operates.

Just one piece choosed by Kabkob is waiting for You.

About Us

Kabkob have three teams: Supplying, Marketing and Managing, work to choose the high ranked pieces of clothes.

Our salesmen can rely on a Product Manager organizational structure dedicated to the brands, with the task of developing the marketing approach for the collections, defining the targets for each product, the assortments, the price bands and the positioning of each brand in the market.

Just one piece with high Elegance, Quality and low price, will be Yours.

From planing to communication: our distinctive skills.

Managerial team consist of coordinators and engines of creation, to verify the imagened ideas.

The Sales department defines the sales objectives for the brands it manages (e.g. turnover, profitability, and market share), as well as the development of sales plans/programmes.

Marketing team is the most motivated part of Kabkob, who illuminat the best for you.

Our Services


Kabkob is committed to being a globally responsible company, from social, environmental and economic points of view.


Just one piece chossed for you by Kabkob.


This is a Kabkob Sales Page that can be viewed in mobile phones.


The reflections of our clients are presented clearly on the pages pf sales.

We are proud of initial reflections, and we are working to be more correlated with our clients needs'.


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Kabkob Sales Page